Saturday, August 1, 2009

My First Online Book

I'm working on an online book - it's called Kajarna, The First Book of Rouen. I borrowed the name Kajarna from a game created by my cousins. The term Kajarna borrows the first few letters from some of my cousins' names (Karen, Jared, and Natalie). I always thought the name Kajarna would make for a great fantasy land.

The name Rouen is borrowed from an NFL punter whose last name I thought was cool. The name is pronouced "ruin"; I have since found out that Rouen is also a city in France - that should delight my youngest brother as he loves Frenchies (read the sarcasm).

At any rate, I've created a link to the online book so that anyone who wants to read the book and make comments can (you can find the link on the lefthand side of this blog). I've decided to take the online route so that I can take advantage of online collaboration. The collaboration right now will be in the form of comments by readers - i.e. if a reader has a suggestion for the book they can post it in the comments and then I will decide to accept the suggestion. I may later allow individuals to make their own chapters or edits if I find that I am incorporating their ideas on a regular basis.

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