Monday, November 9, 2009

"It's Time for Weed", "My Wife the Srtripper" and Other Amusing Search Keywords

What do the internet keyword searches "it's time for weed" and "my wife the srtripper" (yes stripper is spelled incorrectly) have in common? If you Google either search term, my blog will show up in the search results (when I checked my blog was ranked #1 for "it's time for weed" and #9 for "my wife the srtripper").

I don't recommend Googling either term, but I found it highly amusing that people who typed in these search terms ended up on my blog.

How did this happen? Well if you follow the link for "it's time for weed" you will go to my blog post titled "It's time to weed" and if you follow the link for "my wife the srtripper" you will be directed to my blog post titled "My wife's stripper friend called me at work" (that's my June 9, 2009 blog post for anyone curious).

To date, people have used exactly 19 different keyword phrases to find my blog; some amusing, some ordinary, and others down right scary (I may have to be more selective in the phrases I place on my blog, though I'm sure this post won't help.)

I use Google Analytics to track this information. So without further adieu, here are the 19 keyword phrases and the ranking my blog has on Google for each as of 11/9/09:

1. human intelligence tasks (#8)
2. 13 wasted years conservative rule? (#1)
3. government socialism liberal conservative capitalism (#1)
4. how much do you get paid for human intelligence tasks (#1)
5. ideas of how to get my wifes friend to sleep with us (#9)
6. it's time for weed (#1)
7. liberal conservative progressive libertarian (#1)
8. misconceptions about peta (I couldn't find a link to my blog in the first 10 pages of results)
9. my wife is a striper (I couldn't find a link to my blog in the first 10 pages of results)
10. my wife the stripper (#48)
11. paid human intelligence tasks (#3)
12. progressive ideology wikipedia (#11)
13. stephen hawking predictions (#4)
14. stephen hawkings sleep (#2)
15. stripper friend (#20)
16. third political parties effective (#9)
17. was lyndon johnson a conservative, liberal, or socialist? (#3)
18. what impact can third parties have on major parties (I couldn't find a link to my blog in the first 10 pages of results)
19. wifestripper (#8)

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